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Sun Jun 15 11:40:12 BST 2014

Dear author,

      I 'm working with local atomic arrangement in amorphous materials by RMCProfile software, and I have some questions so need your help.

      In some references, they indicated traditional X-ray diffraction is difficult to study amorphous materials and they often used neutron diffraction or synchrotron radiation. In my experiments, I use traditional Cu target X-ray diffraction (λ=0.154 nm) to acquire structure factor and reduced radial distribution function by pdfgetx3 or RAD software, but I can't employ reverse Monte Carlo simulation to acquire good fit through RMCProfile software, whatever to change parameters. Of course, I have done several different experiments. For the operations of RMCProfile, I basically mastered and I can use software cases to acquire good fit in many conditions even only three files (sf6.dat, sf6.cfg, sf6_reduced.gr). So I doubt my experiment data can't be used for RMC because of the shortage of accuracy of traditional X-ray diffraction. And I hope you can provide some advises about RMC process and X-ray diffraction experiment.

     Best wishes!

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