[RMCProfile-users] Is there a way to prevent the MC move counter reset after 1 million?

Chris Kerr cjk34 at cam.ac.uk
Thu May 15 12:28:49 BST 2014

There is no way of changing this without editing the source code and recompiling - the 
wrap at 1 million is hard coded in.

This problem has been fixed in the development version, which will hopefully see a 
beta release soon.
Helen, this is something that should go on the list of bug fixes to be backported to v6.5

Good afternoon,

When running RMCprofile, it appears that the MC move counter has a hard limit of 
999999. When the counter reaches 1 million moves, the counter of either the accepted, 
tested, or generated moves resets to 1. Is there a simple fix for this, or is there an 
intermediate file that tracks these resets? In the meantime, I've just been checking in 
once a day and writing the number down. 

Mike Gaultois

Michael Gaultois

Materials Research Laboratory 5121

University of California
Santa Barbara CA 93106-5121 
Tel: +1.42.42.SALMON

“Efficiency, which is doing things right, is irrelevant until you work on the right things.” -
Peter Drucker 

[1] http://www.michaelgaultois.com
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