[RMCProfile-users] The First 27 years of Reverse Monte Carlo (6th RMC conference), Budapest 17-19th September 2015

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Dear Colleagues,

The RMC-6 meeting will take place in Budapest in Hungary from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th September 2015

If you are interested in attending this interesting and friendly conference then please read on – there are still a small number of places available...!

INTRODUCTION: The first international meeting that was dedicated to RMC was held in Studsvik, Sweden in 1994 (organised by Robert McGreevy). 12 years ago (October 2003), we met in Budapest to hold the 2nd RMC Conference. It was there where the participants agreed to hold such meetings every third year. According to this plan, the 3rd and 4th RMC meetings were held in Hotel Normafa, Budapest (Hungary) late in September in 2006 and early October, 2009, respectively. As the attendees would remember, the RMC-5 meeting in 2012 had to be transferred in the last minute to another venue within Budapest, the Holiday Beach Wellness Hotel on the banks of the Danube.

VENUE: The conference will be held in Holiday Beach Wellness Hotel, by the river Danube, nearly 10 km-s from the centre of Budapest. Downtown Budapest my be reached in about 45 minutes by public transport. (More information on the hotel is available at www.holidaybeach.hu.)

ORGANISATION of the PROGRAMME: Following the style of the previous RMC Conferences, the event will be as informal as possible, with the sole aim that all attendees should profit from it as much as possible. There will be very few 'plenary' type lectures; most of the time will be devoted to 'workshop-like' discussions, including 15-30 minute oral presentations, and to extended poster sessions to allow ample time for personal contacts.

TUTORIALS:  Preceding the conference, a one (or perhaps two, depending on your interests) day tutorial course will take place which will start at about lunchtime on Tuesday (15 September). Tutorials on Reverse Monte Carlo methods (RMC++/RMC_POT, RMCProfile, RMCPOW), as well as on EPSR and PDFGui are planned. More details will be available in due course. The number of participants of the tutorial is limited to about 25.

BUDGET-RELATED: Registration fees will be kept to the absolute minimum; depending on sponsorship, a maximum of about 100 EUR may have to be asked for. The exact amount will be announced later this year. Budapest can be reached quite cheaply by plane, train or car; accommodation + half board (breakfast + lunch) for three days will probably not exceed about 300 EUR.

Anything related to RMC (even remotely):
       Structure of liquids and amorphous materials
       Interpretation of powder diffraction data for crystals
       Software development: new computer codes (RMC, EPSR, PFGui, etc...)
       Related methods: we plan to hold sessions dedicated to EPSR and PDFGui (other suggestions also welcome);
       Extending the applications of RMC: modelling small angle scattering, reflectometry, inelastic scattering, EXAFS, NMR, etc...

PROCEEDINGS: We hope to be able to publish contributions from the 6th RMC conference in the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter as a Special Issue of the journal (for the Proceedings of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th RMC Conferences, see JPCM 17, S1- (2005),  JPCM 19, S1- (2007), JPCM 22, 404201 -- 204216 (2010) and J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 25 450301- (2013)).

ACCOMMODATION: We expect that most participants will stay in Holiday Beach Wellness Hotel. As you may see on their website (www.holidaybeach.hu), the number of rooms is quite limited. The hotel is rather popular among conference organisers, which means that the management cannot keep (basically) the entire hotel reserved for long without a sufficiently strong guarantee.

We still have a small number of spaces reserved in the hotel that have not already been taken up, but if you are interested in attending then it is essential that we get an indication rather soon (say, in the next couple of weeks) of your interest in attending the meeting. Such an 'expression of interest' does NOT have any financial consequences but it may help us to convince the hotel to keep the place reserved appropriately.  It is only around two months before the meeting (and therefore, just over 2 months from now) when the hotel may require some deposit (of the order of 100 Euros) - details on this point will be announced in due course.

A simple conference website has already been set up, see at:

You may also visit the webpages of our previous meetings:

ACCOMPANYING PERSONS: We believe that the conference will provide an excellent opportunity also for a short family break. The extra cost for a second person in a hotel room would not cost more than about 40 Euros/day (including lunch)! In case there is a need for it, we will try to organise programs for your partners/children.

Laszlo PUSZTAI, pusztai.laszlo at wigner.mta.hu<https://webmail.stfc.ac.uk/OWA/UrlBlockedError.aspx>; laszlo.pusztai0 at gmail.com<https://webmail.stfc.ac.uk/OWA/UrlBlockedError.aspx>
(for postal address, phone and fax, see below).

David KEEN, david.keen at stfc.ac.uk<https://webmail.stfc.ac.uk/OWA/UrlBlockedError.aspx>

The questions that we would like you to answer now are:


(1) Are you interested in attending the RMC-6 conference (17 to 19
       September, 2015)?

(2) Would you like to attend the RMC Tutorial (15 and 16 September)?

(3) Would you like to stay in the Holiday Beach Hotel?

(3) Can you please give us an idea of your stay in the Holiday Beach
    (remember, this is only for a tentative list of participants, no
    obligations at all!):
           (3a) Dates of your stay;
           (3b) Number of guests accompanying you;

(4) In case there is any chance that you would be coming, please tell us your affiliation, address and e-mail, as well.


Finally, we will shortly be emailing those who have registered an interest in the meeting asking for suggestions for possible talk/poster titles.  We will aim to give all participants an opportunity to give a talk during the meeting should they wish to.

Thank you very much, indeed, for your kind attention and efforts!

With the best regards,
Your Local and International Advisory Committees.

Laszlo Pusztai
pusztai.laszlo at wigner.mta.hu<https://webmail.stfc.ac.uk/OWA/UrlBlockedError.aspx>
laszlo.pusztai0 at gmail.com<https://webmail.stfc.ac.uk/OWA/UrlBlockedError.aspx>

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