[RMCProfile-users] Some stupid question:Using RMCProfile For X-ray synchrotron Data

Bo Jiang youqin5912 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 20:49:23 BST 2015

Hi everyone,
        I am working with PDF data collected from X-ray synchrotron source
from ESRF, and I use the PDFgetx3 to produce the G(r) and F(q) file. But I
face some problems like below:

1)  I noticed that the definition of G(r) and F(q) from PDFgetx3 are very
different to RMCProfile. I tried use D(r) and the F(Q) divide Q according to
the equation 4.11 in manual, is that right?  

2) In the Appendix B in tutorial version 6.5.2, it says that 'You will need
to normalise your X-ray G(r) so that it is scaled from 0 to 1', does it need
to be done? how to do it?

3) Is there any trick for the setting of 'weight' for Bragg, REAL and
RECIPROCAL, I use 1000, nd 0.01 for them.

4)why always no one can ever answer my stupid questions? 

Thank you very much!


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