[RMCProfile-users] Sample program set of EXAFS

sajiki gou sajiki at t.kagawa-nct.ac.jp
Mon May 30 02:38:42 BST 2016

DEAR RMCprofile group

I would like to calculate using EXAFS data.

But, I do not know the data files and format of the content necessary for the calculation.
I can not be fully understood only using the current manual. 

If there is a sample program that complete all the data necessary for the calculation of EXAFS, I think this problem can be solved.

Can you tell me how to obtain such a sample program ?
If anyone has posted the sample program on the home page of RMCprofile, the same question is no, we can expect everyone to be happy.

Thank you for your attention.

香川高等専門学校 高松キャンパス

桟敷 剛
sajiki at t.kagawa-nct.ac.jp
tel 087-869-3883
fax 087-869-3879
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