[RMCProfile-users] Help with stog.exe or stog_new.exe

Koch, Rob kochr at alfred.edu
Wed Aug 9 20:04:35 BST 2017


In the past I have mostly worked with fitting what some in the community call G(r), but what I believe is called D(r) in the RMCprofile documentation.

I'm interested in testing out RMCprofile and I've been told I can use a tool called stog (S to G) to convert from the  total scattering structure function to a PDF of a form compatible with RMCprofile.

I cannot however find any documentation on this tool, and while the prompts are mostly self explanatory, the tool crashes after prompting me for "add values:"

Any advice is appreciated!


Rob Koch

Robert J. Koch, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Scientist
Alfred University
New York State College of Ceramics
Inamori School of Engineering
Alfred, NY 14802
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