[RMCProfile-users] Where to obtain the utility software packages for the XAFS data analysis

ken1.hoshino at toshiba.co.jp ken1.hoshino at toshiba.co.jp
Tue May 23 07:00:57 BST 2017

Dear RMC community,

I am trying to set up an RMC environment for XAFS to size the capability of the method, and reading through the manual found on the website.
The thing I got stumbled on is a set of software packages which I cannot see anywhere on the Internet to the extent Google can rummage through.
That includes, but not limited to, EXAFS_INTER.exe, SCAT_ABS.exe, and ED.exe.
If anybody knows where I can get those packages and, better yet, other files that would be required to run RMC on the XAFS data.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Best regards,

Ken Hoshino
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