[RMCProfile-users] About using RMCprofile to fit X-PDF

Bo Jiang bo.jiang at ntnu.no
Tue Jan 23 13:02:24 GMT 2018

I do not known how to solve your problem, sometime it comes from wrong .rmc6f file. Do U have the .dat file or other picture to show more details about your problem?

Yours sincerely,
Bo Jiang
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>Dear all,Hello everyone, I am using RMCProfile to simulate my X-ray total
>scattering data, but I have questions. According to the user manual, I have
>prepared all the required files, but I can not run the RMCprofile.The problem
>show in below. Can you help me look for it. The required files are listed in the
>attachement. PS: The ex_6 for GaPO4 can run well in my PC.
>Thank you very much! Best,
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> Hui Liu
> Department of Physical Chemistry
>University of Science and Technology Beijing Beijing 100083, China
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