[RMCProfile-users] data2config perovskite

Frederick Peter Marlton fredm at inano.au.dk
Thu Jul 12 14:06:28 BST 2018


I've had some issues recently with using the data2config tool to generate my supercells from a CIF. I've attached the CIF I've been using for BaTiO3, which was downloaded from COD.

If I use data2config to generate my supercell as follows:

data2config -noannotate -rmc6f -order [Ba Ti O] -supercell [12 12 12] -cif BaTiO3_CIF.cif

And then use the unitcell analysis tool to generate the folded unit cell, the resultant structure has the Ti And O atoms in the wrong configuration.

Has anyone else had this issue? And is there something I'm doing wrong?

I'm currently bypassing this issue in my analysis by using a modified version of the SrTiO3 CIF from one of the RMC tutorials.

Fred Marlton
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dept. of Chemistry & iNANO
Aarhus University | Denmark

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