[RMCProfile-users] Bragg profile run time error

Supriyo Majumder supriyom at csr.res.in
Fri Dec 11 12:49:07 GMT 2020

Dear all, 
I am a beginner in RMCProfile. I am analyzing constant wavelength neutron total scattering data. In tutorial all the examples are for TOF data. Whoever, following the tutorial I have setup RMCProfile (latest v6.7.8) starting configuration for my system using GSASII. During RMCProfile run the Bragg calculations stopped suddenly with a massage (please find attached screenshot). 

Please suggest me the solution to overcome this error. Thanks. 

With sincere regards, 


Senior research fellow, 
Thin Film Magnetism Group, 
SVSM/PLD lab., 
Khandwa Road, University campus, Indore, 
M.P. 452001, India. 
Lab. Ext. No. 335, 115. 
( [ mailto:majumder.supriyo1993 at gmail.com | majumder.supriyo1993 at gmail.com ] , [ mailto:supriyom at csr.res.in | supriyom at csr.res.in ] ) 

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