[RMCProfile-users] GSAS-II to RMCProfile

vondreele vondreele at anl.gov
Mon Feb 3 09:15:35 GMT 2020

Hi All,

GSAS-II is now capable of setting up runs of RMCProfile and monitoring 
its progress and a first tutorial for it has been prepared. To use it 
you must have GSAS-II version #4284 and have RMCProfile version 6.7.6 
beta. The tutorial follows the SF6 analysis and can be found in the 
tutorials collection accessed from GSAS-II. It has specific installation 
instructions for RMCProfile; namely the rmcprofile.exe file must be 
copied to the GSAS-II folder or put in a subfolder (e.g. 
GSAS-II/RMCProfile) for GSAS-II to find it. GSAS-II makes no use of any 
other files/routines provided in the RMCProfile package. If there any 
questions/problems/bugs, please let me know.


Bob Von Dreele

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