[RMCProfile-users] How to generate *.TBL file for RMCProfile refinement

Tristan Barbier tristan.barbier at ensicaen.fr
Tue Jan 21 17:05:40 GMT 2020


I am a new RMCProfile user and I am emailing you regarding a very simple question (all my apologies for that). 
After doing all the tutorials I am trying to start performing my first real refinement, 
however, I am not able to create the *.TBL file by using GSAS-II software. 
The tutorial says that using the PUBTABLE function, GSAS software can produce such a file.  

Do GSAS-II still able to produce such a file? 
Is it possible to use another file format through data2config for generating the files we need for the refinement?  

Thank you very much for your help, 

Best Regards,

	Tristan BARBIER
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