[RMCProfile-users] General questions on Polyhedral Constraints

Sumit Khadka sumitkhadka08 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 06:14:34 BST 2020


While working with the polyhedral constraint I came across the linked and
unlinked polyhedra terms. I could not find good references on what the
linked and unlinked terms refer to. I would be pleased if you could
redirect me to some good references on this.

I have another question as well. How can we incorporate distorted polyhedra
that occurs in some 2D materials in RMCProfile. The polyhedral constraint
that RMCProfile has; does this refer to a perfect polyhedra (tetrahedra,
octahedra) only or can it refer to distorted structures as well?

*Sumit Khadka*
*Graduate Student | Department of Physics, University of Houston*
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